Drag-Racing Deaths Spur Arrest of Phoenix 18-year-Old


An 18-year-old Phoenix resident has been arrested by Phoenix police in connection with a racing-related collision on February 13 that killed two people.

Carlos Garcia had been driving the black car sought by police after the wreck at 43rd Avenue and McDowell Road, police allege in court records.

Garcia, in his black Acura, and two Honda Civics reportedly began the race at a nearby gathering "where alcoholic beverages were being consumed."


As the three vehicles competed for position, racing northbound, and they approached the intersection, a southbound Nissan Sentra made a left turn onto McDowell Road in front of them.

One of the Hondas, which was later estimated to have been going 85 miles per hour, slammed into the Nissan.

Maria Murillo, the Nissan's passenger, and Julio Rodriguez, the driver of the Honda, were killed. The Nissan's driver and the Honda's passenger suffered severe injuries.

Detectives tracked down Garcia, an undocumented immigrant, and the driver of the second Honda, Guillermo Rosas, who both admitted to racing on 43rd Avenue just before the collision, according to court records. No word yet as to what's going on with Rosas.

Police want Garcias charged with two counts of manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault.

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