"Drive Hammered...Get Nailed" Holiday DUI Task Force Nabs 223 Drunk Drivers This Week

"Drive Hammered...Get Nailed" Holiday DUI Task Force Nabs 223 Drunk Drivers This Week

If the Governor's Office of Highway Safety hasn't made itself abundantly clear that it won't be tolerating drunk drivers this holiday season, the shear number of drunk drivers it has nailed as part of the Holiday DUI Task Force should probably clear up any misunderstandings.

Since the task force began the day before Thanksgiving, law enforcement agencies from across the state have nabbed more than 2,000 drunk drivers, including extending the long arm of the law to 446 "extreme" drunk drivers.

Last week's big winner was the Phoenix Police Department, which is at the top of the list for single-city police departments, with an impressive 131 DUI busts, followed by the Tucson PD's 114.

This week -- with each booze-filled breath -- the Phoenix PD's lead over Tucson is grew even larger.

With nearly 100 busts this week alone, the Phoenix PD's total is now 225, as Tucson could only muster a measly 60 -- putting its total at 174.

The task force includes several multi-agency efforts like the East Valley DUI Task Force, a combination of several police departments. The multi-agency task forces, as well as the Department of Public Safety, make the large majority of the state's total DUI busts.

The DPS has 349 busts, while the East Valley DUI Task Force, which includes the Tempe Police Department, has a whopping 656 busts since the DUI roundup began about three weeks ago.

There is, however, one law enforcement agency that isn't exactly pulling its weight -- the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

So far, the MCSO have managed a meager 112 DUI arrests since the task force began, putting Joe and his goon squad in seventh place statewide, just behind Scottsdale.

Let's cut Joe and the boys a little slack, they've been busy doing all the, um, important stuff like intimidating judges and making house calls on county employees. 



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