"Drive Hammered...Get Nailed;" That's What Law Enforcement Officials are Telling Us Before Weekend DUI Sweep

We would never recommend driving drunk, but this weekend, we really don't recommend it.

Starting Friday, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is beginning the national 2009 Labor Day holiday drunk-driving law enforcement campaign:  "Over the Limit.  Under Arrest."

In a press release, GOHS Director Alberto Gutier warns that this weekend there will be 68 law enforcement agencies across the state working together to bust boozed-up motorists.

"Back to School and Labor Day is a time when our children and grandchildren have one more weekend to celebrate before the busy fall season gets underway," Gutier says. "Let's not allow impaired drivers to ruin their lives or those of their families."

In 2008 there were 324 fatalities in Arizona caused by motorists under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and the department wants that number to drop.

The press release says the Arizona Department of Public Safety will be conducting sobriety check points and "saturation patrols" throughout the state.

Here's a great way to avoid getting pinched: Don't drive drunk!

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