The ammo from a weed cannon.
The ammo from a weed cannon.
Border Patrol

Drug Smugglers Now Shooting Cannons Into United States, Using Cans of Weed as Ammo

The people who smuggle drugs into the United States from Mexico really have some ingenious ways of getting the goods over the border.

There's the old trick of hiding the drugs in fruit; we've even seen piñatas. We've also seen at least one instance of someone trying to drive over a 14-foot border fence. Now, Border Patrol agents believe that smugglers are using cannons to shoot cans of weed from Mexico into the United States.

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According to the Border Patrol, agents responded to a call outside of Yuma, and discovered not only 33 cans of marijuana, but a carbon-dioxide tank as well.

As you can see from the photo above, between the tank, and cans of weed being embedded into a dirt field, it sure seems like there's a pneumatic cannon involved.

Border Patrol's thinking these cans were shot about 500 feet through the air.

The marijuana in the cans totaled about 85 pounds, according to Border Patrol.

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