Drunk Dump Truck Driver Causes Chain-Reaction Accident on Loop 202 Off-Ramp in Mesa, says DPS

The only thing more dangerous than a drunk driver is a drunk driver behind the wheel of a massive dump truck.

But that's who's responsible for a chain-reaction collision on the westbound off-ramp of the Loop 202 at Country Club Drive in Mesa today, says the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Michael R. Fisher, 51, of Mesa, (pictured), was impaired by alcohol as he drove a full-sized Kenworth dump truck on the off-ramp, says DPS, apparently too blind to see the vehicles in front of him stopped for a red light.   

He hit the brakes too late, presumably, slamming into a landscaping pickup truck towing a trailer. The impact caused the pickup to hit two more vehicles, for a total of eight injured motorists -- including two kids. Only one person needed to be taken to a hospital, though -- this sure could have turned out worse.

The dump truck was impounded and Fisher was booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument, a class three felony, seven counts of felony endangerment and two counts of criminal damage.

Here are two pictures of the truck from DPS:

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