Drunk Mother With Three Kids in Truck Sideswipes Car, Throws Lipstick at Victim and Beer Bottle at Husband After Unhappy Meal at McDonalds

Zulema Espinoza terrorized her three children, her husband, and a fellow motorist while out drinking and driving Saturday night.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Espinoza, 30, was driving drunk near 33rd Avenue and Thomas Road about 9 p.m. when she sideswiped a fellow motorist's car with her back tire. The victim kept control of her car but watched as Espinoza attempted to speed away. The woman decided to follow Espinoza to her home, where things got even worse.

After pulling up at her house, Espinoza threw a half-empty bottle of beer at her husband, who had come out to investigate the noise. Espinoza got out of the car and took her smallest child out, but not before throwing her lipstick at the woman she almost ran off the road.

Two more kids, ages 4 and 5, got out of the car and went inside the house.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at the residence where the woman's husband informed them that she'd gone into the backyard. The deputies didn't find her there but spotted her heading south on 32nd Avenue and Thomas, where she was arrested.

Espinoza denied to the deputies that she was driving the truck, but she did tell them she had purchased three McDonald's Happy Meals for her children "moments prior to the accident."

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