Drunk Woman Strips in Mesa Park to "Cool Off" -- Then Takes a Naked Nap

Susan Pollock, 44, felt a little hot while getting plastered in a Mesa park yesterday afternoon. So she got naked, and then took a nap, according to court records.

When police found her sleeping on a park bench in Pioneer Park, all she had on was a T-shirt rolled all the way above her breasts -- and she appeared to be drunk.

Police were called to the park about 5:30 p.m., when a man and his three kids walked by and saw the drunk, naked woman taking a nap.

According to court documents, Pollock reeked of booze when she was busted mid-nap, and an empty vodka bottle was found next to her belongings.

Once awake -- again, at 5:30 p.m. on a Monday -- Pollock admitted to cops that she was hammered. She told them she took off her clothes to cool off. Then, she apparently fell asleep.

Pollock's got an, um, impressive rap sheet -- she's previously been convicted of assault, criminal trespassing, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct.

Pollock's alleged naked nap resulted in one count of indecent exposure.

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