Durango Hunger Strike on Cinco de Mayo Confirmed by Board of Supervisors

Following up on yesterday's blog item about the hunger strike in Joe's jails, I spoke with Maricopa County Board of Supervisors spokesman Richard DeUriarte this afternoon, and he confirmed that a massive hunger strike did take place yesterday in MCSO's Durango Jail.

DeUriarte said that on Cinco de Mayo, 500 men did not take their a.m. meal, and 900 did not take their p.m. meal. This information came to the BOS from Correctional Health Services, which is responsible for the medical care in Arpaio's facilities. CHS received its information regarding the hunger strike from the MCSO, according to DeUriarte.

In addition, DeUriarte stated that according to the information they've received, all men took their a.m. meal today, but the BOS has asked CHS to monitor the situation.

Interestingly, according to DeUriarte, some women at Estrella Jail threatened to hunger strike on Saturday, the day of the big May 2 Walk for Respect. But the women backed down when they were told they could lose certain jail privileges by doing so. I'll follow up again when and if I have more information.  

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