East Valley Tribune Buyer Hopes to Buy All Valley Freedom Communications Papers

It looks like the East Valley Tribune isn't the only Valley Freedom Communications-owned newspaper that will get a new lease on life this year -- the Trib's buyer reportedly wants to buy all of Freedom's Valley papers.

The Trib had announced it would shut its doors on January 1, but a last-minute deal with Colorado-based Thirteenth Street Media to buy the Pulitzer Prize-winning paper emerged, saving the newspaper from its demise.

It seems the Tribune wasn't enough for Thirteenth Street Media owner Randy Miller: he has submitted a new letter of intent to buy all of Freedom's Valley publications, the Tribune reports this morning.

Those papers include the Sun City Daily News-Sun, Ahwatukee Foothills News, Glendale/Peoria Today, Surprise Today, and Arizona Interactive in Chandler, which publishes the Clipper advertising shopper and does commercial printing.

Freedom Communications, which filed for bankruptcy last year, released a statement saying that Miller wants to keep all the papers together because they are all so intertwined.

To be official, the deal needs approval from the judge assigned to Freedom's bankruptcy case, but Freedom Vice President Julie Moreno tells the Trib she is hopeful a deal will be reached in the next month.

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James King
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