East Valley Tribune to Circulate 50,000 More Papers on Sunday; Owner Randy Miller Says More Changes Coming

The East Valley Tribune will increase its Sunday circulation from 100,000 to 150,000, says its new owner, Randy Miller.​
The East Valley Tribune will boast a "much bigger presence" in the community next month when it boosts Sunday circulation from 100,000 to 150,000, says the paper's owner, Randy Miller.

In an un-bylined article on Sunday, Miller says the paper is returning to its "heritage" of serving Mesa and Tempe. (As we blogged about on Friday, though, the paper's losing some of its heritage next month when it moves out of the downtown Mesa building it's been in for the last 55 years.)

Miller's company, the Colorado-based Thirteenth Street Media, bought the Trib last March for $2 million from Freedom Communications. (Oddly, the media company doesn't seem to have a Web site, or at least one that's easily findable...)

According to the article:

To coincide with the jump in circulation, the Tribune will be making significant content and design improvements in both the newspaper and website that are geared toward making the news more interactive and more focused on readers and what they are talking about.

It's nice to see any newspaper on the upswing, but from a journalism perspective, the Trib's a pale reflection of its former, Pulitzer-prize-winning self.

Miller wants to appeal to advertisers, and that's no shame. But we don't see him focusing on journalism. We'll just have to hope that the few reporters left will try to make the extra Sunday papers worth the walk from the driveway to the recycling bin.

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