Easter Bunny Disables Photo Radar for Several Hours: Catch the Video by Jason Shelton

Peter Cottontail's hoppin' mad about photo radar...

These anti-photo radar activists rock like Amadeus. Back in December, it was a passel of renegade Santas attacking photo radar cameras in Tempe with big Xmas gift boxes. 

This Sunday, on that great pagan celebration known as Easter, Peter Cottontail visited with the kids, did a little jig, and hid his biggest egg atop a Tempe radar camera, thus disabling the device for several hours, according to an ABC 15 report.

The springtime fertility symbol's prankish activities are now under investigation by the local authorities. Remember, in Sand Land, a sense of humor is more dangerous than a loaded weapon hidden in one of state Sen. Russell Pearce's many cheap suits.

Personally, if someone were to cut off the heads of these steely photo radar sentinels like Cool Hand Luke did the heads of parking meters back in the day, I could give a whiffle ball. Ahem, not that I would ever encourage such hijinks...

But this Easter Bunny antic is genius. Kudos to freedom-loving libertarian videographer Jason Shelton for capturing the gag on camera. In the past, Shelton has been targeted by law enforcement for his activism. And to his credit, he's beaten the bulls in court.

Those under the gun in other respects in our Valley of Repression, such as Hispanics, should take notes: 

When you're outgunned by the other side, nonviolent civil disobedience -- with a twist even -- can be more effective and attention-grabbing than the most serious and populous of marches or demonstrations.

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