Eddie "The Hotdogger" Haramina: Say a Prayer for One of Downtown Phoenix's Great Characters

Those of us who haunt the county courthouse in search of yarns long have had the pleasure of really getting to know Eddie Haramina, aka Ed the Hotdogger, a beloved longtime fixture at the corner of Jefferson Street and Third Avenue.


one of our most loyal readers, and his knowledge of what's happening inside the courtrooms of the Superior Court buildings always has amazed (and occasionally helped) us.


The Argentinian-born gent (seen in the photo) with the red kerchief tied `round his neck is gracious with everyone, whether they are judges, cops or the defendants, all of whom line up by the day to order one of his excellent home-cooked hot dogs with all the trimmings.


Some years ago, we did a little story about Eddie after some county grumpuses for no good reason tried to get him booted out of his venerable street nook.

Thank God, it didn't work.

Though we don't know many saints, Eddie has to come close.

We can't tell you how often we've seen Ed give someone who's down on his or her luck a cold drink or something to eat--he's just like that.

Anyway, a judge we know forwarded us an E-mail making the courthouse rounds this morning about Ed Haramina's lovely wife, Mitzi, whom we have had the pleasure of meeting.

Mitzi is having cancer surgery in a few days (she beat the Big C some years ago, but now faces new struggles).

Ed loves that woman with all his heart.

We wish Mitzi the best in her fight.

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Paul Rubin
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