Edward Angelo Jr., 15-Year-Old Felon, Charged in Russian Roulette Death

At the ripe, old age of 15, Edward Angelo Jr. already is a convicted felon, which is why he's now charged with another crime, this one stemming from the September Russian Roulette shooting death of one of his friends, 16-year-old Kevin Jervey Hudgens. 

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office told New Times in September that no charges were expected for any of the other teens present when Hudgens fatally shot himself while playing the morbid game, but that apparently has changed -- Angelo Jr. now faces a charge of being a prohibited possessor in possession of a firearm, the MCSO says.

Apparently, Angelo Jr. supplied the gun Hudgens used to shoot himself.

On September 25, Hudgens and several other kids were in a travel trailer in Hudgens' backyard when he fatally shot himself in the head with a .22-caliber handgun Angelo Jr. allegedly brought to the trailer.

He was airlifted to Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas, where medical crews tried to save his life, but were unable to do so.

He died from his injuries.

An MCSO spokeswoman tells New Times none of the other kids were playing the potentially fatal game -- they were just watching Hudgens.

It's unclear whether Angelo Jr. has an attorney.

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