Elderly Michigan Woman Receives Package Full of Weed -- Of Course it Came from Arizona

If two pounds of weed were to just show up at your door, what would you do? Smoke it? Sell it? Dump it out on your bed and roll around in it?

An elderly Michigan woman went a different route -- she took what many would consider a gift from god and gave it to police.

According to the Blackman Township, Michigan, Office of Public Safety, an elderly woman called police last Thursday (about 4:20 p.m., ironically) to report that she received a package that was jam-packed with marijuana.

The package was sent from Arizona. Of course it was.

We spoke to Blackman Township police Sergeant Rich White this afternoon, and he was hip to Arizona's status as America's weed-distribution center.

"Heard an old lady had a bunch of weed sent to her house?" we asked White.

"Yeah, a little bit," he says.

"Two pounds of weed is more than a little bit," we explained.

"Not coming from you guys [Arizona, not New Times] it's not," White joked.

Well played, sir.

Police say it's unclear who actually sent the weed but are fairly certain the elderly woman was not the intended recipient.

The theory is that the sender mailed it to the wrong address or had it mailed to the old woman's house with plans that someone would steal it from her mailbox before she had a chance to get the mail.

The old lady got to the weed first, though, and gave it to police who plan on having it destroyed.

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