NJOY cigarettes
NJOY cigarettes

"Electronic Cigarettes" Still Bad For You, FDA Study Finds; Scottsdale Company Preparing Counter-Study

Cigarettes are bad for you and can cause cancer -- even if they're electronic, according to an FDA report released earlier today.

The study analyzed the chemicals contained in the electronic nicotine cartridges from Smoking Everywhere Inc., and NJOY, a Scottsdale-based company.

"These tests indicate that these products contained detectable levels of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals to which users could potentially be exposed," the FDA said in a press release.

NJOY Spokesperson Amy Linert says that the company never claimed that electronic cigarettes were a healthier alternative -- just that they were "an alternative" to traditional cigarettes.

Um, okay. But then, why smoke them? (The company's Web site says one reason might be that e-cigarettes don't give users the dreaded "ashtray mouth."

NJOY will be releasing a counter-study within the next two weeks.


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