Elementary School Basketball Coach Gets Six Months in Jail for Having Sex With 14-Year-Old

Julian Titcomb, a former volunteer basketball coach at a Valley elementary school, was sentenced today to six months in jail for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

Titcomb, 22, was booked into jail on eight counts of sexual conduct with a minor in March 2011, but pleaded guilty in February to three counts of child abuse.

Titcomb was the victim's basketball coach at Phoenix Saint Catherine's Elementary School in 2010, the same year the two became Facebook friends, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Titcomb initially told the girl he wished she was older so the two could hang out, but he then proposed the idea of being "friends with benefits" not long after that.

The girl agreed, and Titcomb persuaded the girl to sneak out of her house and meet in a nearby field.

He asked the girl if he could kiss her, and he ultimately convinced her to agree after initially rejecting his offer.

Titcomb then decided to tell the girl he loved her, which led to Titcomb persuading the girl to give him a handjob while the two were in his car.

In February and March 2011, it escalated to oral sex and intercourse between the two.

That came to an abrupt end after the girl's parents found the following message from Titcomb on their daughter's Facebook:

"I want to be inside you, babe. I'll start out by fingering you and kissing your neck just the way you like it."

As you can imagine, the police were alerted at that point.

At the time of his arrest, Titcomb asked detectives if having sex with a 14-year-old girl would affect his ability to join the Army.

"I told him that it would," the detective wrote in his report.

If you believe what a convicted child abuser says on Facebook, he's been in the Army since May.

After Titcomb's done with his jail sentence, he'll enjoy a lifetime of probation.

James King contributed to this report.

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