Eleven Pairs of Crazy Eyes Almost as Haunting as Jared Loughner's

By now you've probably seen the chilling photo of Jared Loughner taken by the Pima County Sheriff's Office after Saturday's shooting rampage in Tucson. If not, look to the right (unless you ever want to sleep again).

Loughner's not the first maniac to look like, well, a maniac. Below is a list of 11 people with eyes almost as crazy as Loughner's. So sit back, relax, and follow us on a journey through the history of lunacy:


Charles Manson:

To quote the 1994 film Natural Born Killers, "it's pretty hard to beat the king." Manson is responsible for the murders of eight people in California during the summer of 1969. In addition to that, he's also a raving lunatic.

Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro's character in Taxi Driver):

Bickle and Loughner share a few similarities: for starters, they both had a bizarre obsession with politics, each was a social outcast, and they're both total whack-jobs.

Sirhan Sirhan:

Sirhan Sirhan murdered U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1968. Many conspiracy theorists argue Sirhan was brainwashed to kill Kennedy by the CIA because he claimed to have little recollection of the incident. However, all signs seem to point to one thing: crazy.

Richard Ramirez:

Ramirez was dubbed "the Night Stalker" for a collection of at least 13 murders during the 1980s in L.A.. He claimed he was possessed by Satan. In reality, he's just crazy.


Marshall Applewhite:

Applewhite, led 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult to their death in 1997. Applewhite believed that by having members kill themselves, the Hale-Bop comet would whisk their souls away from earth before the Apocalypse. We're fairly certain that never happened and that Applewhite was just a nut-case.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer:

As far as we know, Jan Brewer's never killed anyone. But that doesn't mean she's not crazy.  

Mark David Chapman:

Chapman murdered John Lennon on December 8, 1980, in New York City. He cites J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye -- about the struggles of adolescence -- as part of the motivation for killing Lennon. Like the book's protagonist, Holden Caulfield, Chapman saw the world as being full of "phonies." The world, on the other hand, sees Chapman as being a lunatic.

Susan Brock:

Susan Brock, estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, may not be nutcase, but she plays one -- well -- in her mug shot. Brock was arrested for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old boy. Upon her arrest, as you can see in her booking photo, she was the deer and the camera was the headlights.


Ted Bundy:

Ted Bundy is responsible for at least 30 murders between 1974 and 1978. Bundy, then a law student in Washington state, was described as a charming, good looking, normal guy, which is what makes his crimes even more shocking. This dog was put down via-electric chair on January 24, 1989.

Walter McCarthy:
McCarthy's a local lunatic recently found guilty (but insane) of murdering his girlfriend's father. McCarthy's girlfriend claims he's not insane, rather a manipulative, calculating murderer. We'd argue he's probably both.

The Chandler Vampires:

These folks, Amanda Williamson, and Aaron Homer, think they're vampires. They also drink blood. They were arrested last year after trying to suck the blood of their roommate. Enough said.

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