Eli Manning, Michael Strahan and Lawrence Tyne's favorite underdog stories

The Giants are 13-point underdogs against the Patriots. If they win, it will be one of the biggest upset victories in the history of sports. So, we asked New York's three key players which was their favorite underdog story.

The good-old-boy quarterback picked a good-old-boy flick. The Hall of Fame pass-rusher went with a classic. And the guy who missed two field goals against the Packers picked the Giants. No shit. Not the Miracle on Ice. Not the '69 Jets. He picked the 2007 Giants.

Eli Manning: Hoosiers.

Michael Strahan: "Something having to do with boxing. Like Rocky. I even like the last Rocky. Like when he says [in a Stallone voice] "I feel like I still have something left in the basement."

Lawrence Tynes: "How about us beating Green Bay? We haven't been picked by one reporter to be here."

Nothing like the heartwarming story of a kicker getting not one, not two, but three friggin chances to send his team to the Super Bowl.

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