Eminem Lyrics Shouted to Stabbing Victims, Says Killer of Family


"Here comes Satan. I'm the anti-Christ. I'm going to kill you..."

Those are supposedly the lyrics from an Eminem song that Michael Miller says he screamed to his wife before stabbing her and his daughter to death on May 30, according to a recently released 911 tape. Media reports about the tape say Miller told a dispatcher he visualized his wife as a demon.

One thing, though: We can't find those precise lyrics on any Eminem song. A searchable Web site for lyrics doesn't produce a match.

Not that anyone should be surprised this wacko screwed up the detail. 

He didn't get this part right, either: 

"I just killed my family with a knife -- all three of them," Miller told police.

Miller's son, 11, survived the attack.


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