Enchanted Island Amusement Park, Formerly Kiddieland, Closing?

The Enchanted Island Amusement Park in Phoenix's Encanto Park may close on May 31.

The owners of the park -- which originally was called Kiddieland when it opened in 1948 -- posted the news on Facebook today.

However, city officials say it's not closing.

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According to a statement from the city, the park's not closing -- they're just looking for new operators. Here's the full statement:

​Enchanted Island Amusement Park at Encanto Park is not closing, and the historic carousel, which is owned by the City, will remain in that location regardless of the operator. On Jan. 20, 2015, current operator, Encanto Adventures LLC, was given notice that its 10-year contract would not be renewed. That contract ends June 1, 2015. City staff is in the process of developing a request for proposal (RFP), through which the operator contract would be open to public bid. The current operator is able to participate in the RFP process. This RFP process enables the City to do its due diligence in ensuring the amusement park provides guests the best possible experience, and also encourages competitive business amongst viable operators.
The carousel mentioned above is a survivor of the original, 1948 incarnation of Kiddieland, which closed in 1986. The park reopened several years later with the new owners, after a major renovation.

UPDATE 6:19 p.m.: Phoenix Parks and Rec spokesman ​Gregg Bach reiterated to New Times that the park's not closing.

"It's not closing, but there could be a change in the operator," he says.

However, if the city goes with new operators, there could be a "small gap" in June when the park closes, he says.

Bach adds that the operators were actually given notice of the decision not to extend their contract on January 20.

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