Endorsements: Romley for County Attorney; Jennings for Corporation Commission; Dougherty for U.S. Senate

The primary candidacies of Renz Jennings and John Dougherty, for Arizona Corporation Commission and U. S. Senate, respectively, deserve your attention and your vote.

We note with regret that the American electoral system too often presents the voter with a choice between Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber.

In Dougherty and Jennings, you have two men of principle, vision, and tenacity.

Jennings has been Arizona's leading advocate for renewable energy. Before serving 14 years on the Corporation Commission, Jennings introduced sustainable practices on his small farm in the foothills of South Phoenix.

As a commissioner, he introduced and enacted America's first Renewable Energy Standard and has served on numerous federal task forces probing solar voltaics and other alternative-energy sources. Today, in Arizona, the requirement the utilities invest in solar development and distribution is under attack in the courts.

Arizona needs an energy leader, and that person is Renz Jennings.

John Dougherty has written investigative journalism all of his adult life, much of it at this newspaper.

The Keating Five, Governor Fife Symington's numerous and duplicitous financial statements, the Savings and Loan scandals, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and breakaway Mormon polygamist Warren Jeffs . . . All these topics, all these bad actors, have been exposed by the relentless reporting of John Dougherty.

He was Arizona's Journalist of the Year on three occasions. Frankly, John Dougherty deserved the Pulitzer.

Renz Jennings and John Dougherty have earned your vote and our endorsement.


There is no primary vote as important to your future as a Valley resident than the ballot for Maricopa County Attorney; we urge you to vote for Rick Romley.

Prosecutors are supposed to serve as a check upon law enforcement, not a rubber stamp.

Under the lawless administration of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the abuse of prisoners and the terrorizing of American citizens of Hispanic descent — not to mention the dehumanizing roundups of immigrants, horrifying as these practices are — take a back seat to the intimidation of political enemies.

The sheriff was aided and abetted by former County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Together they assaulted and field-dressed the judiciary and Board of Supervisors, accusing anyone who crossed them of public corruption.

Last week, the horror of Thomas and Arpaio was underscored in terms simple and dramatic. With the release of grand jury testimony, prompted by Romley, everyone saw what the grand jury saw.

There were no political criminals, only political adversaries.

The grand jury found the cases brought by Arpaio and his goons and presented by Thomas to be so absent of wrongdoing that they closed the investigations.

And, still, Thomas and Arpaio shopped for other prosecutors, other venues to bring the same charges against public servants.

Rick Romley has stopped the disgraceful conduct and has earned all of our votes, yours and mine.

Editor's note: Renz Jennings and John Dougherty have not only written for New Times but are personal acquaintances of Executive Editor Michael Lacey.

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