English only! Uh, except at Childress Automall...

Dumbass songstress Kay Rivoli, wonderin' why she has to press 1 for English. Rusty Childress has the problem licked, he just gives Spanish speakers their own # to call.

One of the incessant whines of the nativist crowd has to do with having to press 1 for English (as opposed to 2 for Spanish) when calling businesses that use this common voice prompt. The complaint is, "We're in America, goddamnit, everyone should speak English!" And if you don't yet, you need to crawl under a rock and keep your clap shut till you learn.

Funny how this devotion to the English language is most commonly espoused by those redneck crackers who can barely speak it themselves, much less write it. But I digress. Business people know that employing Spanish speakers as staff means money in the bank. This applies also to anti-immigrant activist and Kia-peddler Rusty Childress, who on his Childress Kia Web site offers a number for "En Espanol," despite decrying such coddling of Spanish speakers on the site for his anti-Mexican United for a Sovereign America.

Actually, Rusty doesn't decry it himself. Maybe that'd be too hypocritical, even for him. Rather he has songstress Kay Rivoli of the Rivoli Revue do it for him with an embedded YouTube video of her corn pone tune "Press One for English." Therein she admonishes all new arrivals to speak English, singing,

I do not live in China, Mexico, no foreign place And English is the language of these United States!

It's a pretty stupid song, about as stupid as the knuckledragger hicks who get worked up over something so petty. It builds to a climax, with Rivoli yelling more than crooning into a receiver,

Now here's one thing I question And try to understand Hey, why must I press one for English When it's the language of this land?

Why? Because life is oh, so hard. BTW, I love this comment on the YouTube site:

Call it patriotism if you like - I actually agree with your idea. It's just that the song itself sucks. It gives "hokey" a new meaning. Please do us a favor; shut up & show us your tits.

And bag that head, while you're at it. Wonder why none of Childress' supporters seem to care about this gaping contradiction between what The Rusty One says politically and what he does when it comes to taking $ from non-English speakers? Judging from his Childress Automall site, he doesn't seem to have any problem with banking that scrilla.

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