Escaped Arizona Prison Inmates Headed East, Corrections Officials Believe

Fear not Arizona. It appears two convicts, who escaped from a state prison over the weekend, have decided to bid the Grand Canyon State adieu in their attempt to evade capture.

We just spoke to Barrett Marson, spokesman for the Arizona Department if Corrections, who says prison officials believe the two escapees, 42-year-old Tracy Province and 45-year-old John McCluskey, and their female accomplice, Casslyn Mae Welch, of Mesa, have left Arizona and are headed east.

While we're apparently safe here in the Valley, Marson wouldn't say exactly where officials think the men are. "East" was as specific as Marson would be, so if you live somewhere "east" of Arizona, keep your eyes peeled.

Marson says that until today, those involved in the manhunt thought there was a chance the three were still in the Grand Canyon state.

Marson wouldn't say where authorities got the new information, just that the "information developed through the investigation indicates the three may have left the state."

Authorities think the two escapees are still with Welch and are considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the Arizona Department of Corrections at 602-542-1212.

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