Espresso Pundit Greg Patterson's Dirty Little Thoughts About Senator Ken Cheuvront

Free From the Shackles of Common Sense ...?

Right-winger Greg Patterson making fun of a gay lawmaker? Shocking. Not exactly. 


We couldn't let Patterson's obvious brain-fart dissipate into the annals of the World Wide Web.


Patterson, of Espresso Pundit fame, recently picked up a video posted on the Arizona Guardian of state Senator Ken Cheuvront (D-Phoenix) reacting to heated discussions over healthcare reform.


The Guardian headline: "Lawmakers exchange blows over healthcare."


Patterson, in a lame attempt at humor or suffering a nasty case of the homophobia, wrote: "Good writers, free from the constraints of corporate overseers, can be pretty darn funny.  I wouldn't have had guts to run this picture with this caption.  In fact, I almost don't have the guts to point out that the Guardian did it."

"This picture with this caption..."



For those who don't stay on top of their lawmakers' sexualites, Cheuvront is an openly gay man. 

And we hope we don't have to explain what Patterson was suggesting about Cheuvront.

As it turns out, Patterson did have the balls (er, guts) to post it. At least for a while before his pair retreated.


Patterson removed the post fairly quickly.

But as you know, kids, what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet. Forever.

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Monica Alonzo
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