Et tu, Russ? Pearce throws J.T. Ready under the bus, quietly stabs Buffalo Rick Galeener in the back.

Ready and Pearce in June 2007, when all was merry and bright.

The incessant pounding is beginning to take its toll on the Russell Pearce for state Senate campaign. Not only has Pearce thrown his erstwhile protégé, white pride advocate J.T. Ready under the proverbial Greyhound (as is apparent from Russ' recent denunciation of Ready on his Web site), he's also begun squashing the smaller fish as well. As pro-immigrant advocate Dennis Gilman was the first to point out, Pearce has removed notorious Yosemite Sam impersonator and alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener from his list of "endorsements."

Haven't Pearce's operatives ever heard of Google cache? First, check this link to a slightly older version of Pearce's endorsements. Galeener's name falls between "Joan Galbasini" and "James Garron." Now, look at Pearce's current listing. Galeener's name has obviously been deleted.

Alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick: No longer welcome at the Pearce abode?

Rick is a notorious bigot, who has more than once referred to non-whites as "monkeys." He's also second in command at ex-KIA peddler Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America, the most virulent anti-immigrant hate group in the Valley. Currently, Buffalo is awaiting trial on a misdemeanor case of public urination, wherein he's alleged to have done number one in the eyesight of a Hispanic lady. According to the police report on the incident, the lady's 2-year-old son was with her at the time.

This attempt by Pearce to distance himself from such folk only shows that the attacks upon him have had their desired effect. The problem is, Pearce is too closely wedded to nativists, neo-Nazis and wannabe KKK types. They are his base, his core support, the people who admire and hero-worship him, the ones who drive an hour or more to be a part of pro-Pearce neighborhood walks.

Not that he's completely sanitized that page, as it hosts a number of other extremist names on it: Minuteman founder Chris Simcox, anti-Hispanic Hispanic and alleged trespasser Anna Gaines, 9/11 nutbar Karen Johnson, and so on. But then, if he takes off all of the right-wing loons, there won't be many people left.

Props to Gilman for spotting this one. Gilman's YouTube video on the Ready-Pearce connection lays it out like no one else. Check it out below. Creepy stuff.

Dennis Gilman's trenchant YouTube video on the Pearce-Ready connection.

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