Ex-Con Who Traveled to Virginia to Meet Girl Says He was "Door-to-Door" Salesman in Valley


We just found a reason to support Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio's proposal to regulate door-to-door salespeople:

Jesse Lee Wise.

As we reported Friday, Wise was arrested last week in Chesapeake, Virginia, and accused by police of taking a bus from the Valley to meet a 13-year-old chat-room buddy for sex. The girl was actually an undercover officer.

Last night, a Virginia TV news station interviewed Wise, who told it he had been working in the Phoenix area as -- get this -- a door-to-door magazine salesman.

As our July 17 report mentioned, Wise recently spent a few years in the slammer for burglary, forgery, and trespassing. Hardly someone for whom you'd want to open the door, much less hand a personal check for a lousy subscription to Newsweek.

Wise also told the TV news crew he had traveled from Scottsdale, leaving his 1-year-old son behind, to meet his "dream girl," and that he didn't know the age of the "girl." We assume Virginia State Police can prove otherwise, but we haven't heard back yet from Michelle Cotten, the agency's public information officer.

Whether Wise wanted to have sex with a minor, or not, we'll be thinking of this case the next time we hear a knock on the door.

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