The Kids are Not All Right

Ex-Phoenix Parks Recreation Leader Arrested, Accused of Attempted Molestation of a Minor

Police arrested a now former City of Phoenix employee, who worked for several years as a part time recreation leader in Ahwatukee, over allegations that he attempted to molest a 13 year old girl.

Cops say that the suspect, 21-year-old Michael Hudson, resigned instead of getting fired after Parks and Recreation officials were made aware of the incident.

Police report that Hudson went to the victim's home on May 17, climbing through a bedroom window to sneak past her parents, and provided alcohol to the young girl, and possibly two additional minor friends.

He was arrested on May 23 and booked for Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation and Attempted Child Molestation, both class 3 felonies, and for Contributing to the Delinquency, a class 1 misdemeanor.

The police report continues:

While at the home, the suspect attempted to engage in sexual contact with the victim who resisted his advances. This stopped the suspects action however, he spend the remainder of the night with the minors drinking alcohol, provided by him. In the days following the incident the suspect exchanged cell phone texting with the 13 year old victim in an attempt to lure her for sexual exploitation.

The victim told cops that she's known the suspect for two year, first meeting him when he was working as a part-time recreational leader at her summer camp. For the next two years, she told them that the two texted and exchanged Facebook messages.

The victim's father reported the incident to police and parks department personnel, who are fully cooperating with the investigation.

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Monica Alonzo
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