"Extremely Unhealthy" Baby Found in Truck Camper Outside McDonald's; Parents Arrested on Warrants for Abusing Other Kid

Added to the running list of places not to keep babies -- the camper to a truck parked outside a Peoria McDonald's.

Peoria police say an anonymous tipster led them to an "extremely unhealthy" 3-month-old yougnster in the back of the truck, at the McD's near Thunderbird and Loop 101.

If you think that's an awful place to keep a baby, you may be right -- police called paramedics after finding the kiddo, and hospital staff relayed to police that the boy had a low heart rate, was dehydrated and malnourished, and was apparently suffering from hypothermia.

The baby's parents, 51-year-old William Knapman and 21-year-old Diana Dieter, were subsequently arrested.

As of yesterday evening, police said the two were booked into jail only on outstanding warrants -- from allegedly abusing another one of their kids last year.

According to the cops, Knapman and Dieter had felony warrants out of Apache County for allegedly abusing another son -- who's now 2 1/2 years old -- in 2011.

Believe it or not, police say that case is based on the boy having a "malnourished condition."

That youngster's been in the custody of Child Protective Services since June, when Knapman and Dieter's parental rights were severed.

It appears the two are still making their way through the booking process at the 4th Avenue Jail (mugshots were released less than two hours ago), so we'll see if we can get some additional information on this case today.

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