Fading Phoenix Suns Defeat Terrible Minnesota Timberwolves in Overtime

Anyone still wondering whether the 2010 Phoenix Suns were a team of underachievers or a mediocre ballclub received an answer last night in the form of a narrow overtime victory against the terrible Minnesota Timberwolves, 135-127.

It's only one game, sure, but the Suns proved once more in the penultimate contest of the season that they are an atrocious squad more concerned with tallying high point totals than playing solid defense, or any defense at all, for that matter.

And even though the fireworks show was an entertaining disaster to watch, as indoor fireworks shows tend to be, it's exactly why the team failed to win an NBA title this decade and won't be a contender again anytime soon.

To be fair, the Timberwolves score points -- it's about all they do, averaging 100 points per game, which ranks them amongst the best teams in the league, offensively. But the Suns gave up far more than 100 points to the Timberwolves, allowing Minnesota to run wild on them with 121 points in regulation.

Worse, the Suns were at home, playing in front of their home crowd. Maybe such a game could be forgiven if it happened on the road, but this is the sort of Pyrrhic victory that exposes a team for what it truly is.

Channing Frye carried the Suns with 33 points last night, followed by Jared Dudley, with 26, Grant Hill, with 21, and Marcin Gortat, with 17. Aaron Brooks played 18 minutes and managed to score five points with four turnovers, while Steve Nash scored eight in 34.

For awhile in overtime it looked like the Timberwolves might win or force a second overtime until Frye sank a three with 2:06 to go to give the team a two-point lead, 126-124. After that, the Suns mercifully beat the hell out of the Timberwolves for the finish.

The San Antonio Spurs come to town for a 7:30 start on FSAZ Wednesday night. The Suns better hope Tim Duncan and Co. aren't in the mood to whoop some ass. Charity is the only thing that might keep the Spurs from humiliating the Suns at US Airways Center Wednesday night.

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Gregory Pratt
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