Famed ASU Baseball Coach Pat Murphy Resigns Unexpectedly Today

Word from ASU today that its longtime head baseball coach Pat Murphy has resigned is a mind-blower on every level.


​The immediate explanation?


We haven't been able to contact one of our favorite coaches yet, though we suspect that Murph will call back at some point soon.

For sure, university Vice President of Athletics (fancy title for Athletic Director) Lisa Love's less-than-revealing written statement sure raises a slew of as-yet unanswered questions.

"Coach Murphy has an outstanding record of success on the playing field," Love said. "I thank him for 16 years of hard work and service to the university and the sport."

Thank you, too, ma'am.

Murphy had been ASU's very successul coach since shortly after his legendary predecessor Jim Brock's death in 1994.

Though his Sun Devils never won the coveted NCAA title, the program managed to flourish year after year (no small achievement in college baseball) and consistently was among the nation's top teams. In fact, next year's squad already was being touted as a championship contender, and one of Murphy's potentially best teams.


Always controversial, brash, and occasionally over-the-top with his public opinions about whatever popped into his mind, Murph was a godsend for local sports reporters. He never really learned the phrase "no comment," which drove some of his ASU handlers up a wall (not that they or anyone else ever could have reined him in).

We'll be writing more about the resignation as things develop, but let's toss out a few adjectives about Pat Murphy before signing off: Complicated, loyal, intelligent, emotional.

Oh, one more thing. Excellent f-ing coach.


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