Familiar Face Enters Secretary of State Race

There's a new face in the Democratic race for secretary of state, and he may have an early leg up on his probable opponent in the Democratic primary.

Sam Wercinski, former Governor Janet Napolitano's real estate commissioner from 2007-2009, has entered the race, and he's already got more than enough money to give the other Democratic candidate, Window Rock Representative Chris Deschene, a run for his money (or lack thereof).

According to campaign-finance reports dug up by the Arizona Guardian, Wercinski reported that he already has $117,000 in his war-chest -- more than six times the amount of money  reported by Deschene.

Wercinski left state government in January of last year when Napolitano got kicked upstairs to her post as Homeland Security Chief. At the time of his resignation, Wercinski said he would be willing to stay on with Governor Jan Brewer if she wanted his help, but Jan wasn't havin' it.

If Wercinski wins the primary, he will square off with sitting Secretary of State Ken Bennett in the general election. If he wins the general election -- and if recent Arizona gubernatorial history tells us anything -- odds are he will become Arizona's next un-elected governor.

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James King
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