Family Fight Turns Deadly; Detroit Man Kills Woman, Shoots Two Others, Including Stepfather

A family fight in Phoenix turned deadly last night when an 18-year-old man visiting the Valley from Detroit fatally shot a woman and wounded two others, including his stepfather.

About 10 p.m. yesterday, the unidentified suspect and his 63-year-old stepfather got into an argument in their apartment near 12th Street and Bell Road.

The suspect pulled out a gun and shot the stepfather.

Three other people in the house at the time ran outside to get away from the gunman, but he followed and told everyone he planned to shoot them, too.

The suspect tried to shoot his mother, but a family friend pushed her out of the way, sustaining a minor gunshot wound in the process.

The suspect then fatally shot a family friend.

After unloading his gun on family and friends, the suspect jumped in his wounded stepfather's car and took off.

Police canvased the area, but could not locate the suspect -- until he decided to drop back in at the crime scene about three hours later. He was arrested and questioned by police.

The stepfather was taken to the hospital where he remains in serious to critical condition.

The suspect probably will be charged with first-degree murder, according to Phoenix police.    

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