Feathered Bastard

Fast Money Phil Gordon in Phoenix Developers' Pockets

That ain't Monopoly money Phil's playin' with...

In case you have any doubts whom Mayor Phil Gordon really represents, check this under-the-radar March 2 story by the Phoenix Business Journal titled "Developers bankrolling Gordon's re-election campaign." Gordon's Phil for Phoenix PAC has raised over $655K according to the article, and thousands of that are coming from real estate moguls and corporations. Check this quote:

Some of the real estate contributors to Gordon include:

RED Development and Barron Collier Cos., which are redeveloping Patriot's Square Park in downtown Phoenix, are getting $96 million in incentives and tax breaks.

Thomas J. Klutznick Co., the developer of the CityNorth mixed-use and retail center in the far northeast Valley, is in line for a $100 million subsidy package. The list of other Gordon backers reads like a "Who's Who" of the region's powerful real estate sector, including developers Marty DeRito, DMB Associates' Bennett Dorrance, Gerald Bisgrove, Steve Ellman, Francis Najafi and David Wallach.

Other campaign donors include executives from John F. Long & Co., Pulte Homes, SunCor Development, Turner Construction, Robson Communities, Vestar Development, Westcor, Arizona Land Advisors and Kitchell Corp.

Gordon is a DiNO, a Democrat in Name Only. A Dem that kisses up to our wing-nut County Attorney Candy Thomas, and bends over for every developer in town with a checkbook. With a Dem like Goober Gordon, who needs Republicans?

In any other big city, a pol with his hand out like this would be run out of town on a light rail. (Get it?) This report reeks of corruption. The mayor should represent all of Phoenix, not just fat cat developers seeking to line their pockets at the public trough.

Here's my new mantra with all of my Goober-related stories: It's time for Phil to go.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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