Watch: FBI Getting the Band Back Together, Looking for 'Blues Bandit'

You’ve gotta give credit to the feds for coming up with creative names for villains. Or at least points for trying.

Today, the FBI’s Bank Robbery Task Force, along with the Phoenix Police Department, is calling the latest serial bank robbery suspect the Blues Bandit.

Hey, these guys like a good classic film and pizza during those slow, lonely shifts at the Bureau, just like the rest of us.

Maybe it’s the fedora. Maybe it’s the crisp, collared button-down shirt and the thin, dark tie. He looks like he came straight from the set of The Blues Brothers.

Authorities say the Blues Bandit is responsible for as many as eight robberies in Phoenix, Glendale, and Surprise between early October and late January. They describe their man as in his 20s or 30s, about 5-foot, 6-inches to 5-foot, 10-inches tall,  and weighing around 190 pounds, give or take 10.

He's targeted Desert Schools Federal Credit Unions, US Bank, and Academy Bank.

Police say he was seen driving a four-door red or maroon sedan, or possibly a Mitsubishi or a white Chevy Tahoe.

He wears dress clothes, a black fedora, and glasses. In each case he enters a store with a bank branch and hands the employee a note demanding loot.

The FBI, in its classic just-the-facts-ma’am approach to life, pointed out on a public announcement video, in which he looks like he’s hitting a Walmart, “Note: dark hair, dark framed glasses, fedora, dark gloves.”

“Note: gauge or earring in right ear.”

It goes on like that. Well, see for yourself.

The FBI and Silent Witness are offering a $10,000 reward for vital information. The FBI says it can be reached at 623-466-1999. Anonymous tips to Silent Witness can be placed by calling 480-W-I-T-N-E-S-S, or 480-T-E-S-T-I-G-O, for Spanish speakers.

Note to Dan Aykroyd: Eat your heart out.

Note to police: Let’s hope you’re better at driving in the real world.

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