FBI Looking for "High Country Bandits" Believed to Have Robbed Six Arizona Banks

Arizona's got a brand new pair of "bandits" that the FBI believes are linked to at least six bank robberies since October.

The FBI is calling the bank-robbing duo the "High Country Bandits" because the majority of their robberies have occurred in places like Payson and Prescott.

Authorities say the two men are carrying out fairly straight-forward robberies, where they walk into the banks, tell costumers to "kiss the floor," and have bank tellers fill their bags with cash.

After everyone has "kissed the floor," authorities say the two men jump on a green or maroon ATV and flee.

One suspect is described as being 5 feet 6, with a slight build, wearing dark clothing, gloves, a baseball cap, sunglasses, a facemask that covers the lower half of his face, and a bomber-style leather jacket. His voice is described as deep, rough, or raspy. There is no description of the second suspect.

Anyone with information about the "High Country Bandits" is asked to call the FBI at (602) 279-5511.

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