Sister Marguerite Bartz
Sister Marguerite Bartz

FBI Makes Arrest in Murdered Nun Case

The FBI announced this morning that it has made an arrest in the case of the nun murdered in New Mexico over the weekend -- and that's about it.

For some reason, the FBI is not revealing any details about the person arrested, other than the suspect was picked up early this morning and this obvious message in a statement yesterday: "Sister Bartz did suffer substantial trauma, likely as a result of a violent confrontation with her assailant or attacker."

Well, no shit.

On Tuesday, the FBI announced that 64-year-old Sister Marguerite Bartz's beige 2005 Honda CR-V was found somewhere in Arizona. Later in the day it revealed that "somewhere" was in fact Cottonwood, a small town in the northeastern part of the state.

We called the FBI to try and find out why it's being so hush-hush about the whole thing but the call was not returned.

Authorities say Bartz was found dead in her home Sunday morning in Navajo, New Mexico. They believe she was murdered sometime between Saturday night and midday Sunday, when she didn't show up for mass.


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