Federal Protective Service Inspector Hospitalized After Running Red Light, Police Say

Authorities say they'll investigate why an inspector with the Federal Protective Service reportedly ran a red light last night at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and McDowell Road, causing a collision that put him in the hospital.

The inspector was on duty when the collision occurred at about 6 p.m., says Vincent Picard, spokesman for the local office of the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. FPS, responsible for the security at federal buildings, is a subsidiary of ICE.

ICE has asked Phoenix police to withhold the man's identity. The inspector had been a target of credible threats against his life last November, Picard says.

Phoenix police say a van driven by a 16-year-old boy hit the inspector's Ford Crown Victoria, which ran the red light. The boy was uninjured, but the inspector was taken to the hospital. Picard says he's expected to be released this afternoon.

The agency's first concern is to make sure the inspector is okay, Picard says. However, an internal investigation will be conducted to check into the red-light-running allegation, he added.

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