Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, April 8, 2010


Arpaio's evil empire: Many have been harassed by the Third World tactics of Joe Arpaio and his henchmen.

Arpaio obviously learned a lot working in Mexico with an openly corrupt government! He has taught a select group of his deputies that they are above the law, that they can lie under oath, steal (even in the courtroom), abuse authority, intimidate, and even kill prisoners (with no repercussions).

County Attorney Andrew Thomas has turned a blind eye to Arpaio's obvious civil and human rights abuses! In short, Arpaio has built quite an evil empire in Arizona.
Dave Nichols, Phoenix

Can't wait for Joe's perp walk: For many, many years, Joe Arpaio has been above the law he enforces vindictively, but that seems to be coming to an end. Look for the feds to indict him soon.

Oooooh! We can hardly wait to see this evil, old troll perp-walked like he's perp-walked so many before him. Ah, sweet revenge is at hand.
Jim McDonald, Phoenix

Hats off to Stapley and Wilcox: A reporter asked us after the meeting whether we thought Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox were speaking out against Arpaio only because they had been the targets of his abuse of power.

I think the opposite is true — they were the targets of his abuse of power because they were the only two supervisors with the guts to call him on his fiscal irresponsibility (Stapley) and his contempt for constitutional rights (Wilcox).

I take my hat off to these two courageous individuals for standing up against evil when it was clearly dangerous to do so.
Chad Snow, Peoria

Joe and Andy's time is almost up: I feel it in the air: Spring is here, and the end is near — for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his butt-boy.

Said county attorney is stepping down, to run for attorney general, but he may not be able to do that. See, he may lose his law license in the Arizona Bar investigation. He also could be indicted by the feds, along with his husband, Joe.

Ah, to see these two fingerprinted and made to sit in jail until their lawyers can post bail. Now that would be sweet!
Al Garcia, Glendale

Where's Joel Fox?: Where's Maricopa County sheriff's Captain Joel Fox? I'm sure he could clear up all of this! It's just a little misunderstanding is all, Joel. Where are you when we need you?
Arnold Ziffle, Phoenix


Love those super-crazy mofos: Loved your "Mexican Standoff" story so much that my girlfriend and I went to see the luchadores the other night. You were right — what a trip! It was much more colorful, with all the crazy masks, than mainstream U.S. wrestling.

What I liked about it was that every wrestler is a super-crazy mofo in the lucha libre version of wrestling, where in mainstream, there are only a few, like The Undertaker.
Jeff Rossio, Phoenix

Hot for Sergio: I am Sergio Vega's biggest fan. He may not be the toughest luchador, but he's definitely the handsomest. Yeah, I know, he's one of the few who doesn't wear a mask (so maybe some of the others are hot, too).

Sergio, I'm a dark-haired lady who's built for speed (read: dangerous curves ahead!) and sitting as close to the ring as possible for your every match. Next time, I'll be carrying a sign with my phone number on it. Call me!
Maria Seles, Phoenix

A big-time lucha libre fan: It's great that we have so much wrestling in Phoenix. I love lucha libre. Go every chance I get. It's so old school, plus cheap and accessible. My kids love it. Thanks for the great story.
Ric Morales, Phoenix

Go rudos!: Gladiadores Unidos is the way to go for authentic lucha libre Mexicana. Every Friday at 7 p.m., 17th Street and Van Buren. You have to experience it for yourself!

I love watching Psycho Diablo, Payaso Assesino, and Pakal! Go rudos!
Matt Malin, Phoenix

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