Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 11, 2008


Eight is still better than most TV: You've got to be kidding ("Behind the Eight Ball," Sarah Fenske, November 27): "With myriad options — the Food Channel and the Travel Channel and the History Channel and more — why would anyone come to public television for cultural programming?"

Apparently, you've never seen any of the above. This is hardly cultural programming. Most of the shows are repeats, constant repeats. Most of it's garbage.

What does Channel 8 provide? Bill Moyers, for one. And other news programs. The problem is, King [Michael] Crow gets a pass from the media as he gobbles up taxpayer money to further feather his own imperial nest.

There are other music shows on Channel 8 besides Yanni. Unfortunately, it still shows the Lawrence Welk Show. I wish they would get rid of that.

I don't want to be left with a "glut of choices," and it's not "great for consumers." Have you ever spoken with a television viewer, or are you just filling in the blanks? Most of what is shown on TV is garbage: violent and stupid.

Eight is not perfect, but we need to fund it. Take away [ASU president] Crow's many raises, and let him pay for his own house and car, and Eight is off to a great start.
Rosemary Holusha, Phoenix

Unless you're this guy; then you hate Eight: You forgot to add that the content on Channel 8 is a big pile of steaming shit.

If you're looking for leftist-Marxist political agenda-driven history, politics, and science interwoven with your programming in everything except maybe cooking shows, then you certainly love Channel 8.

I guarantee its financial woes began after the development of Horizonte.
Todd Stallion, Phoenix


Still appalled by her lack of guts: Excellent article ("Nope," Michael Lacey, November 27)! I remember the early days of Janet Napolitano's reign well; I was on the Chandler City Council during the infamous 1997 "roundup" [of illegal aliens by Chandler police and federal immigration officers]. I'm still appalled by the lack of guts, or anything that remotely resembled initiative, by Napolitano in her role as the U.S. Attorney.

She failed to perform her most basic duty to uphold her oath of office "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Her failure or silence obviously was part of a larger, more complicated political ruse that hasn't played itself out yet.

Interesting about those I served with on that council. Their MO was also to remain silent (perhaps taking the future gov's lead), circle the wagons, and hire an expensive law firm to fight (translated into a reasonable settlement without admitting guilt) any allegations of impropriety.

The majority of my final year in office was spent [on military duty] in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. I was re-elected in 2004.

The city now sponsors a mariachi festival, Chihuahua dog races, a César Chávez day, and a multi-cultural festival (nice sentimental touch). However, I personally would trade it all in for a day that embraces the Constitution of the United States. Ironically, this trade might not be perceived as sensitive or PC.

The argument that I put forth then had very little to do with immigration and everything to do with the constitutional rights of Americans who were stopped with no probable cause.

I will complete the last year of my second council term on active duty in [Iraq's] western al-Anbar province, protecting and defending the Constitution.
Martin Sepulveda, commander U.S. Naval Reserve, Chandler

Janet won't last: She's out of her league. At the press conference [with President-elect Barack Obama], she referred to Senator Clinton as "Hillary." Big mistake! Janet is seen as a cowboy hick from a red state, nothing more. She will not last.
George Schlessinger, Peoria

Sleeping under the Zionist anesthetic?: Janet Napolitano's qualifications: Zero. Responding to what former state Senator Alfredo Gutierrez said in your article, coming across the border is a felony. He omits the word illegal. All I can say is, America is sleeping under Zionist anesthetic!

Much has been in the news for many months on illegal immigration. Now we have another threat to our country: NAFTA.

These two issues dwarf all other subjects. They both interweave with our national sovereignty!
Winston Hendricks, via the Internet

You're welcome: Normally, you're a pretty left publication, but I thought the article on Miss Loser Idiot, Janet Napolitano, was dead on.

This woman has destroyed this place. I'm a former wild-land fireman. I'm a land surveyor who's been out of work for a year. If Barack Obama does get her on his cabinet, it will prove much more ignorance than I thought.

Yes, she did endorse Joe Arpaio, another fucking total loser.

This gal's a retard who should've never been a city mayor, let alone the governor of the greatest state in the union. Thank you for letting me vent.
Paul Phillips, via voice mail

No help from Nappy: I worked for Dan Saban in his quest to oust the current sheriff, and I called the Governor's Office (probably weekly, from August until November) and asked Janet Napolitano and her staff why she hadn't endorsed Saban.

As a Steve Lemons article alluded ("Local Losers," The Bird, November 13), we were not treated with very welcoming attitudes from the Democratic Party, in general. But I was most surprised by the governor's attitude toward us.

I just wanted to thank you for your article and say keep up the great work.
Samuel Richards, via voice mail

Can't tell if this is sarcasm: Janet Napolitano did an excellent job of defending three of Arizona's borders. I say 75 percent is a passing mark, and she is adequately qualified to be Homeland Security czar.
Name withheld

We hate it because it's a crime: Michael Lacey sounds kind of angry. Why don't you understand that we love immigration when it's legal? Why do we, as citizens, have to take care of more and more poor folks? It's the "illegal" that we hate, because it's a crime.
Name withheld

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