Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 10, 2011


AZ Dems actually did something right: It's hard to believe, but the Arizona Democratic Party — with the election of Andrei Cherny as party chair — actually made a move toward getting back to where it should've been all along ("New Hope," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, January 27).

The party has had a host of winning candidates who made a mockery of true Democratic Party ideals — Janet Napolitano, Terry Goddard, Phil Gordon. With the exception of [Phoenix Mayor] Gordon, who finally grew a pair and opposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio and all the anti-immigrant stuff, most of the elected Democrats in this state have been turncoats.

Goddard was especially cowardly. All he did was bury his head in the sand when controversial issues arose — all his years as state attorney general and nothing substantial to show for it. The feds have to come in to try to get Arpaio and his henchmen, when Goddard had the goods on Joe and his goons and chose to stay out of the fray.

Governor Manet, now U.S. Homeland Security secretary, wasn't much better. Even now-sainted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is nothing but a Democrat in Name Only. Which's why I know poor psycho [Jared Lee] Loughner had no political ax to grind. Loughner would've shot somebody extreme on one end or the other, not a frickin' DiNO, if he had.
Steve Moore, Tucson

More than a mere DiNO: Your points about Andrei Cherny are well taken. Cherny seems a positive move away from the typical DiNO pols in our state.

You said in your recent cover story (Tucsoned," Amy Silverman, January 27) that Tucson took Phoenix's bullet with the recent massacre. What really happened is hands-across-the aisle Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords took old-school [liberal] Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva's bullet.
John Simon, Tucson

'Bout time they stood for something: Wow, the Arizona Democratic Party elects a guy who makes an impassioned speech about how important immigrants are to this country. I'm impressed.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Democrats removed their heads from inside the asses of the Republican Party here. Their whole mantra has been to try desperately not to piss off the GOPers.

It's high time the Dems fucking stood for something, even if it pisses off the redneck voting majority in this backward place.
Dave Santiago, Phoenix

No more disingenuous claims from Glassman: [Failed Democratic U.S. Senate candidate] Rodney Glassman said in your story, "I'm not getting involved with lawyers. I never have."

That's complete bullshit. Rodney Glassman hired attorney Rhonda Barnes to obtain copies of the nominating petitions for all three of his Senate primary opponents last spring. I have documentation to that effect.

I'll grant that Rodney wants to distance himself from any effort anyone might undertake to challenge Andrei's legitimacy as ADP chair. But he's not above figuring out shortcuts with the help of attorneys to try to get what he wants.

I'm on record as wishing him well in his efforts to begin establishing credibility among Arizona Democrats. Making disingenuous claims that he has never gotten involved with lawyers for political purposes will not move him in that direction.
Steve Muratore, Scottsdale

Now for the next step: I can't believe that the Democrats actually made the right decision. Next step: organizing the Mexican-American community.
Jacob Hughes, city unavailable

Will Rogers would be horrified: As for that Will Rogers comment in your article, he'd be horrified and turning over in his grave if he saw what the current Democratic Party is all about.

Rogers was a patriotic, pro-military cowboy who would have nothing in common (and neither would have his son, who is buried in Tubac) with the Cherney-Grijalva-Goddard-Napolitano party.
Name withheld

Ha-ha. Good one: Just remember: You can no longer call them "illegal Aliens." From now on, you must call them what they are: "unregistered Democrats."
Name withheld

Will Cherny pander to illegal immigrants?: Andrei Cherny appears to be painting himself as "one of them" by mentioning his immigrant parents, who came here legally.

But what about the illegal ones? Will Cherny pander to them, in hopes of someday passing amnesty and, therefore, pulling in votes?

Be careful whom you sell your soul to — [Cherny] just may come back and bite you.
Name withheld

Desperate for voters: Like most Dems, [Andrei Cherny] speaks false. Republicans understand that immigration is a strength of the United States.

All in this country have a link to immigration.
Name withheld

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