Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, July 28, 2011


So much for "will of the people": Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne are huge hypocrites. You can bet your ass that if medical marijuana weren't the thing that voters approved — and, instead, it was one of their pet right-wing issues — there would be no lawsuit ("Growing Pains," Ray Stern, July 14).

Of course, they are trying to stop medical pot, because they were against its passage all along! The sneaky bitches are using the ploy that they are trying to spare state employees, when there never was any threat. As you say, so much for the "will of the people."
John Duran, Tempe

Brewer and Horne pissing off fellow GOPers: Medical marijuana obviously is an issue that crosses party lines. If many Republicans didn't favor it, too, the ballot proposition would never have passed. Guess Jan and Tom didn't get the memo that they're pissing off Republicans, like myself, with their shenanigans.
Roscoe Dean, Tucson

Jan and Tom making us look dumb again: Yeah, funny (in a pathetic way) how Brewer and Horne spend scads of our tax money on legal action that makes Arizona look completely idiotic — like trying to uphold Senate Bill 1070.

And now they are making us look stupid and backward by legally challenging medical marijuana.

These goons should be impeached along with state Senate President Russell Pearce ("Hosed by Houser," Stephen Lemons, July 21).
Billy Travis, Phoenix

Coz is angry again: Fuck Brewer and Horne! Who elected these assholes, anyway? Oh, that would be the dumb-ass voters of Arizona. Hope [Gilbert medical-marijuana patient Ross Taylor] not only sues Gilbert's fucking pigs but Direct TV, as well. What total assholes Gilbert PD officers are.
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Anthony's got a simple plan: Speaking of canceling Direct TV [because the installer ratted out a medical-marijuana patient], I canceled it for unrelated reasons.

Since the government — federal or state — can't get its act together one way or another . . . everybody should get their [state medical-pot cards], get some seeds, and grow their own. Let the government do what it does so well — spin in endless circles.

A simple, effective plan, if you ask me!
Anthony Mark Previte, city unavailable

Do what you're told, Horne and Brewer: Okay, I'm going to make this simple to understand [for Jan Brewer and Tom Horne]:

You are democratically elected officials [bound] to support the voice of the people. The people say, "Legalize marijuana." You do it. Case closed.

I say that if you do not [adhere to] the voice of the people, you are kicked out of office. If 51 percent of state voters say yes to medical marijuana, come to terms with it. Or get out.
Thomas Myers, city unavailable

Live elsewhere if you don't like democracy: State law defines medical-marijuana dispensaries and cultivation sites, but the Carolyn Short cartel holds up implementation.

More than 841,000 Arizonans voted for the proposition. For those who do not believe in democracies, there are other countries besides America to live in.
Name withheld


Prosecute Bill Russell: Some say "the downtrodden [referring to homeless drug addicts]." Some say "the miserable." Some say "the sad." I've written feedback maybe once or twice in 50 years. But this is necessary ("Deadly Force," Stephen Lemons, July 7).

I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. The police told me I would never live to see my 21st birthday. I've been living in Phoenix for 30 years. I've had a couple of Phoenix police officers tell me that they should just put a bullet in the head of all drug users. I'm not saying that all police are bad.

I've known P.BO, which is what we call him, for a long time. We've had a lot of fun together, and, yes, drugs were mixed with some of it. But we never were violent. Our only crimes were using drugs.

Stephen Lemons is truly a man with integrity and humility. He knows what the true of heart know — that Bill Russell cannot prove that he acted in self-defense when he shot P.BO [real name: Percell Bagley].

How many Bill Russells should we let get away with shooting innocent people in the head? How many non-violent drug users should be shot in the head?

Russell is a man who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope Phoenix police investigators do their job on this cold-blooded cowardly shooting.
William Steele, Phoenix

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