Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 10, 2010


Joe and Andy have no scruples: What Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas did to that poor judge is truly criminal.

With the other county officials — supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox — I didn't feel so bad. Because they both had skeletons in their closets. But Donahoe did nothing wrong at all, except go against the aims of these Nazis, and he got his ass handed to him.

The extent to which they tried to discredit him is something right out of the Third Reich. Because if these guys could've gotten away with it, they would've thrown him in prison and tortured him. They have no scruples.

I agree that Gary Donahoe deserves every penny of that $4.75 million he and his lawyer are asking for.
Leo Bradley, Phoenix

Good journalism is not dead: Excellent job, New Times!

Your continued reporting on subjects that other media won't touch gives hope that not all good journalism is dead in the United States of America.
Leonard Clark, Phoenix

Make Joe and Andy personally accountable: I wish there were some way to make Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas personally accountable for all the misery they caused the innocent people you mention. Too bad taxpayers have to insure the criminals, Arpaio and Thomas.

Regarding [them], how much money have they cost this county in lawsuit payouts, wasted manpower costs, and wasted litigation costs to go after their enemies?

There needs to be a reckoning for these two, and I pray it involves jail time.
Tom Simons, Phoenix

A shocked and dismayed out-of-towner: I'm a student at Arizona State University who came here from another state. Before I started keeping up with local events in the Phoenix area, I had no idea how corrupt local officials could be. How brazen they could be about going after their enemies.

I hope justice does one day prevail against Arpaio and Thomas. It's hard to believe that the public has allowed it to go on for so long. I hope those federal investigations bear some fruit, because I love living here and I want this to be a place where I don't have to fear corrupt public servants who can run roughshod over anybody they please.
Zed Benedict, Tempe

Not like a coincidence: The Jack Cox twist is intriguing, to say the least. Likely much more than a mere coincidence.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

Lien their houses, take their cars: These officials may deserve money, but why do the taxpayers of Maricopa County have to pay?

Get it directly and personally from Arpaio and Thomas. Lien their houses, take their personal cars. State Schools Superintendent Tom Horne is an occasional liar, but if Thomas gets one vote in the Republican primary for state attorney general, that is obscene.
R.V. Gleason, Bullhead City

Huh?: Great story! Now, if we can just get [Sarah Fenske] to cover the 1070 law — and not [other members of] the moronic, probably-illegal-themselves writing staff the editor has drudged up from the bottom of some Kool-Aid jug.
Byte Rider, Phoenix

A prediction: Here's how I think the claims [by Judge Gary Donahoe and the others] will play out. The Board of Supervisors will deny the notices of claim, and the cases will be filed in court.

Once in court, all records regarding the "investigation of corruption" will have to be requested. Then it will be up to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and the County Attorney's Office to show proof. No proof, and I'll bet there will be summary judgments to those filing suit.
Mark Lane, Phoenix

Donahoe's no liberal, John: As usual, Sarah Fenske has her head up her ass. I'm sure if Sheriff Joe had a beef against this judge, it was a righteous one. Even if the judge didn't do anything technically wrong, the sheriff must have known that he was up to no good.

What I'm saying is that Joe knew more, obviously, than he was letting on. Otherwise, he wouldn't have, along with Andy Thomas, gone after this judge. Far as I'm concerned, that Donahoe's a liberal is enough to justify the action taken against him.
John Montero, Mesa

Below the law: I was always told that not even judges are above the law. Judge Donahoe shows us that not even he is below the law — according to Joe.

A fat, old, racist cop and his redheaded stepchild couldn't drag the judicial system any lower. Two of nature's truly great mistakes.

The only two people these morons haven't tried to sue is each other. The Joe and Andy Show would have been more at home in the Senate of the Roman Empire, [where the two of them could've fed] the Christians to the lions.

Joe and Andy's parents remembered everything for their beach parties way back when — everything but the condoms. Damn it!
Steve Tracy, address unavailable

Stand up and do what's right: Great article, and I read the entire 12-page legal document by lawyer Michael Manning. Very sad and corrupt are the continuous control and power that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and [now former] County Attorney Andrew Thomas have in the fifth-largest county in the United States.

Exposing them is necessary to stop further wrongful inhumane tactics that lead to severe damage and even death. Let's stand up for what is right and get rid of Arpaio and Thomas once and for all.
Alison Hicks, address unavailable

Either way, taxpayers are screwed: I, too, want to see the judge win. But remember that if he wins, the money is going to come out of our taxes.

Joe will just go toddling along spewing his venom, encouraging neo-Nazis and other haters to vote for him, while we taxpayers are left once again to mop up after him with our hard-earned money.

This man needs to [be removed from] office now.
Name withheld

Make Joe and Andy pay, not taxpayers: We hope that [Judge Donahoe and the others] get every penny coming to them. But it needs to come from Thomas, Arpaio, and their enablers.
Name withheld

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