Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, March 31, 2011


Pay 'em now, lose 'em later: Great article on absolutely the most innovative radio station in the Phoenix metro area ("Radio Heads," Martin Cizmar, March 17). I love that this is a labor of love for the morning crew. Only hope the station starts paying them or, one day, they will go somewhere else.

Beef Vegan is indeed a funny S.O.B. And Shorty — I never knew how hot she is until I saw her picture with your feature on KWSS. Now, I can fantasize about her as I listen to all the gab and great tunes they play on The Morning Infidelity.
Ron Dabney, Phoenix

Letting them do their thing: It's long overdue that these guys at KWSS got some press. Thank God Frank Magarelli got that license and had the good sense to let these guys do their thing — even though Beef likes to give him shit.

It either shows how much of a sense of humor Frank has or that he really needs Beef and the gang on TMI.
Tegan Hilton, Tempe

Thank goodness for TMI: Beef, Shorty, Big Buddha, and Emo Tom are fucking solid. They're uplifting a music scene that is stricken with disequilibrium. It's so goddamn unbalanced. They deserve nothing but praise.
Brad Bielesch, city unavailable

See editor's note: Why is Martin Cizmar such a self-serving jerk? He gives these guys props at a station he works for. As usual, he just rams what he likes up our asses. Doesn't anybody (say, an editor over there) ever tell the guy to be fair?
Lisa McGrath, city unavailable

McNary a clue: Kept reading this waste of electrons waiting for the payoff. There it was at the bottom: The writer is part of the KWSS team. This reminds me of the old joke: Why does a [dog] lick its balls? Because it can.

John McNary, city unavailable

Editor's note: Martin Cizmar wrote about KWSS; he's not the freak-tongued member of Kiss, and therefore can't (what you said, John). Above that, he doesn't "work" for KWSS — he calls in to TMI with a couple of tracks on Thursdays. As for why Cizmar expresses his opinion in commentary he writes for the music section, that's what we pay him to do. He's a music critic.

KWSS a beacon of truth: This kind of exposure hopefully will reach the rest of the people in Phoenix who actually care about innovative yet listenable music. Wherever you are, we need you to band together and help get this scene off the ground!

There are too many tourists who want cheesy covers, too many counterculture extremists who want experimental noise, and no one in between.

What about those of us who create and promote intellectually stimulating yet pleasantly catchy material that isn't a rehash of the '90s (think: Gadger at KEXX)? Where is our audience? Thank you, KWSS, for being a visionary and beacon of truth in a shit-storm of hypocrisy and materialism. Please don't give up.
Name withheld

TMI is dope: I am a regular listener to KWSS in the morning. I live upstate so I have to listen on my computer. The first thing I do after I get up is turn on TMI. They are funny, super-clever, and real. The music is pretty darn good, too. TMI is dope. They really rock it.
Name withheld

Station's owner is a workhorse: The article could have mentioned that Frank Magarelli spends 10 hours a day, seven days a week keeping the station going. Instead, it paints him in a negative light — when he first played local and indie music six years ago.
Name withheld

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