Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 6, 2010

1070's WAKE

They've finally gone too far: These are sad-ass times for Arizona. The rednecks are finally in charge. For a minute, anyhow. This stupid Russell Pearce legislation (Arizona Senate Bill 1070) is so patently unconstitutional that there's no way it will ever become law here.

So, crackers, enjoy yourselves while you can, because the day of reckoning is near. The Obama administration has no choice, as The Bird suggested, but to step in and stop the madness. It can no longer push this issue to the back of its agenda.

Indeed, this has made our state look like Nazi Germany, and I and a lot of other citizens here are getting fed up with the likes of state Senator Pearce, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and [former] County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

They have finally gone too far, and now they must be made to pay by Washington.
Albert Williams, Tempe

Time for Latinos to become a political force: How bad is it when [Tea Party stalwart and former Colorado Congressman] Tom Tancredo thinks the law [state Senate Bill 1070] is nutty?

As Jon Stewart pointed out on The Daily Show, Tancredo is the guy whom Mexican parents threaten their children with when they won't eat their vegetables!

I hope that the Latino community does not lose this opportunity to become the political force that it should be in a state where it makes up 30 percent of the population.

We should all support [immigrant rights activist] Randy Parraz in his run for John McCain's Senate seat. What a statement that would be to put a Latino — who is one of Joe Arpaio's biggest critics — in the U.S. Senate on the heels of SB 1070.
Chad Snow, Peoria

Looking forward to political conflicts: This law is evil. It will, however, make for some interesting political conflicts.

I guess this is an example of what happens when Tea-Baggers attain political power. I wonder whether I, as a white guy, might milk the system for a free trip to Europe if I speak Dutch or German next time I get pulled over?
Joe Curwen, Phoenix

Little hope for economic boycott: I'm not sure any economic boycott will ever come to pass. Look at who the tourists are here now: golfers and old people. Few of them are lefties or minorities.

Doubt any of the liberals who are screaming about the law would ever set foot in this desert, anyhow.
Richard Morris, Phoenix

Don't muddy the waters: While I agree that SB 1070 is bad legislation, you needn't lie about its content to make your argument.

Contrary to your claim that the bill "allows local police to use a combination of 'race, color, or national origin,'" the only mention of race, color, and national origin in the bill are to specifically exclude them as causes of reasonable suspicion.

Section 6, Lines 28-30: "The attorney general . . . shall not investigate complaints based solely on race, color, or national origin."

And it's nice to see that loudly and angrily protesting the [state] government and comparing [its leaders] to Nazis is no longer considered ignorant and dangerous, as the past year of Tea Party coverage has taught me.
Harrison Bergeron, Phoenix

Used to support Pearce and Arpaio: My house value is underwater and I've been looking for a job for six months because my company lost business and had to lay me and lots of others off. And now this stupid law!

It will make it even more impossible for me to get on my feet and support my family.

I'd pack up and leave if I wasn't stuck here because of family. I got a job offer in another state, but because of commitments here and because I can't afford to price of a move, I couldn't take it.

I'm stuck, as are thousands of others, and bigots like Russell Pearce are making life harder for us still. I used to support Pearce and Joe Arpaio, but not anymore. Not now that I realize fully how little they really care for those of us who are having it hard.

All they care about is finger-in-the air politics and, in Pearce's case, ridiculous racist morality. Fuck you guys!
Cameron James, Mesa

How about a law like this in Oregon?: I, and many of the people in my state, support this new law. We have a great problem in Oregon with illegal aliens. I, for one, will do all I can to pass the same type of bill in Oregon.
Larry Reid, Oregon City, Oregon

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