Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 17th, 2011


Maybe ol' Joe's not even safe now: Never has a political prediction been so correct as Stephen Lemons' declaration that Russell Pearce would be recalled from his Arizona Senate seat ("Sourpuss," November 3).

When I read that, I said to my wife: "I'll believe it when I see it. The power of incumbency and his dirty trick of putting up a sham candidate [Olivia Cortes] will allow Pearce to at least squeak by."

But Lemons — who has covered Pearce's evil [antics] from the start (I still remember that picture of Russell hugging a neo-Nazi that New Times published at every opportunity) — knew more than I did.

With ex-Arizona Senate President Pearce's recall, now I even dare to hope that [Maricopa County] Sheriff Joe Arpaio no longer is safe.
Nick McDonald, Tempe

Next up — Joe and Jan: Now it's time for the same thing to happen to Bozo Joe Arpaio and [Arizona Governor] Jan Brewer.
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Pearce even drove away his own people: As a Mormon and a Republican, I want to be among the first to congratulate Stephen Lemons for his relentless pursuit of Russell Pearce's wrongheadedness and wrongdoing.

While I agree with Pearce on a lot of things, as a member of the LDS faith, I had to [move away from] him because of his rabid anti-illegal-immigrant stance. Our church is all-inclusional, and Mr. Pearce is not.

Jerry Lewis is a man we can all work with, whether we are Republicans or Democrats.
Perry Thomas, Mesa

If only we could find that Mexican dictionary . . .: [Russell Pearce's loss is a] clear victory for Mexico. There are only few true people left who know what will happen if we do not stop the flood of Mexicans into this country — and Pearce, Sheriff Joe, and a few other sheriffs in Arizona [are among them].

The only people who want the Mexicans in are the ones who have drunk the Kool-Aid that came from Mexico. People at New Times better get ready to print their paper in Mexican.
Bill Haight, Phoenix

Three cheers for dogged coverage: Wow, Stephen Lemons was even righter than he thought he would be, in that the recall of state Senate President Pearce was of landslide proportions instead of a squeaker.

Way to go, Lemons! You drove the scumbag out of office. Without your dogged coverage, there would've been no recall committee, no recall, and the [Arizona Senate Bill] 1070 author would've continued to wreak havoc on our state and the nation.
Scott Harris, Phoenix

Of course, that would be impossible, Steve: If [the Legislative District 18 recall election] had been open to all Arizona voters, [Jerry Lewis' victory] margin would have been even wider. Adios, Russell!
Steve Muratore, Scottsdale

A group effort: Thank you, Mr. Lemons, for your tireless efforts to help folks understand the need to remove Russell Pearce from office. You — in concert with [recall organizers] Chad Snow and Randy Parraz — have succeeded in making this a reality.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

An economic scourge has been driven out: [Pearce] was leading a political charge that was killing our economy in Arizona. Thank God, New Times and the recall committee have driven him out!
Sarah Rollins, Tucson

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