Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 6, 2008


Incompetence galore in Maricopa County: Wow! Great article! You got it straight ("Nursing Injustice," Stephen Lemons, October 30). The police officer, the defense attorney, the judge, and the County Attorney's Office should all take a lesson from you. What a load of incompetence in Maricopa County.
Lee Little, Phoenix

Free Courtney now: This story is outrageous! Ultimate injustice! My advice to all the good old boys in Arizona would be to get Courtney Bisbee out of jail with a huge apology as soon as possible before this explodes! Three words: book, Oprah, movie!
Ashley Newman, Grass Valley

Come on, Judge, it's up to you: Courtney, you will be vindicated. We know you are innocent. You will get to tell the rest of the story. We all know who is behind these fabrications. You will prevail.

We know you have been set up, made an example of. All those who know the truth will not be silenced. This was a custody/divorce case gone terribly wrong. One just needs to follow the money.

You have been buried alive in plain view. We will work to free you and to restore you to your family. You remain in our hearts and prayers.

Judge Granville, do the right thing and grant this woman an opportunity to present the facts. Andrew Thomas' legacy is that he has hurt many innocent people in Maricopa County for the numbers. This case should have been investigated a long time ago.
Kathleen Winn, Mesa

Andrew Thomas is guilty as sin: Thank you for all the hard work on the excellent article on the Courtney Bisbee case! This report, as well as other investigative reporting provided by your newspaper, is needed if we are to maintain our democracy in the U.S. Our justice system is corrupt; and prosecutors like Andrew Thomas are guilty as sin for adding to the corruption!
Roma Thomas, Sun City West

What a waste of our money: My husband Jim and I would like to know how much money has been wasted by the incarceration of this innocent woman for three years?

We feel sorry for this family, but as taxpayers, this is the kind of waste of dollars that needs to be eliminated. It looks like County Attorney Thomas could have avoided this waste of taxpayer dollars by just doing his job.

We work hard for our money, and it is our dollars that he has wasted.
Sarah Carter, via the Internet

Call now: It's shocking that this can happen to a citizen in the U.S. I urge everyone to [contact] the County Attorney's Office to correct this situation by phone (602-506-3411) or fax (602-506-8102). Reach out to Governor Janet Napolitano by fax (602-542-381). Let her know this is not acceptable in the state of Arizona.
Robbie Hopf, via the Internet


Danger to us all: Michael Lacey's article on the "unholy union" of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas was right on the money (("Basta," October 30). These two enable each other in the worst ways. Somehow, some way, they must be stopped, or we're all doomed!

What you say is true: These guys aren't just perilous to Mexicans, they're perilous to anybody perceived as disagreeing with them, much less being an enemy. I wouldn't be surprised to see one them trump up some charge on anybody in the future, even New Times.

As you note, they've tried it before. Many times. That they didn't succeed against New Times last year was one of the few times I've seen them not get away with tyranny.
Becky Brown, Phoenix

Continued exposure can lead to change: Most Thursdays, on my break at work, I sit down and peruse New Times. Generally, I will read the cover story and check out what bands are coming to town. To be honest, I find the greater percentage of the "journalism" in this rag to be poor, to the point of abhorrence. But not all of it.

Once in a while, I will read something that is well written and intelligent. I commend you for your continuing work in regard to Arpaio and Thomas. We live in a backward state, and it's only through continued exposure to the truth that we can see any hope of change.

Sadly, I think anyone who supports Arpaio would simply scoff at the covers of New Times depicting [him], but it's a good thing that you keep trying instead of giving up and realizing that you love Big Brother.
Jeff Owens, Phoenix

They know nothing: Great job, Mike Lacey! Thanks for standing up for honesty, integrity, and morality — things Thomas and Arpaio know nothing about.
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Where's the MCSO audit?: I cannot fathom why there has never been an audit of the Sheriff's Office. Any business worth anything audits its operations at least yearly. Why has the Sheriff's Office avoided this type of procedure?

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