Felecia Rotellini's Gloves Off Now That David Lujan's Running for AG

Representative David Lujan made it official today and announced that he would be running for attorney general in 2010.

Lujan has had an exploratory committee going for close to a year so this is far from a shocker. But another candidate for AG, former Assistant Attorney General Felecia Rotellini, who was the first to officially announce her candidacy back in October, seems to be taking the Lujan news a little hard. 

In a statement today, Rotellini says, "[Lujan] does not have one minute of experience as a criminal prosecutor or litigator in the state of Arizona."

Come on, guys, you're supposed to be on the same team. You're both Democrats, right? Besides, there's a bigger enemy here: Joe Arpaio's little lap-dog, Andrew Thomas (you know, the guy with the porn 'stache, until he shaved it off to brush up his image), a potential Republican candidate for attorney general.

Rotellini's, um, polite critique of Lujan's jump into the race didn't end there. She also seems to think his running for AG will keep him from his duties in the Legislature 

"David did not resign from his seat in the House of Representatives today when he announced his candidacy. He is not required by law to do so. We, as Arizonans, have to be concerned that during this critical time in our state's budget crisis, the House Minority Leader has kicked off the legislative session by announcing his effort to run for another office," she says.

Can she really blame him? If she were a Democratic leader in the Republican-run Legislature, she'd probably be runnin' for the door like the building was on fire, too.

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