Fife Symington Out of Governor's Race; Throws Support (Gee, Thanks!) Behind Munger

Arizona residents can kiss any hopes of a second honeymoon with former Governor Fife Symington goodbye.

(Single tear.)

The exonerated thief bowed out of the race for governor Thursday, the Arizona Guardian reports, and threw his support behind former Arizona GOP Chairman and longtime friend John Munger, who announced his candidacy last week.


"I cannot envision myself being in a primary against John Munger," Symington tells the Guardian. "That would just be very uncomfortable."

Symington, who has been openly discussing another potential run at the state's top spot, made the endorsement at a Munger campaign stop at the ritzy University Club in Phoenix, after making the decision to quit over the weekend.

"Congratulations to John Munger for securing Fife Symington's endorsement," Luis Heredia, the executive director of the state Democratic Party, says in a statement. "Perhaps Symington will share with Munger his recipes for real-estate deals, courtroom protocol, and extraterrestrial tourism."

If Symington were to run, there is probably a lot more where that came from.

Munger is one of four remaining GOP candidates for the election that is more than a year away.

Rookie politician and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, State Treasurer Dean Martin, and, of course, Governor Jan, have all expressed interest.

Any GOP candidate will more than likely face Attorney General Terry Goddard, who current polls indicate would beat all of them by a substantial margin.

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