"Fight Club" Member Wanna-Be Bested and Sister's Sweet Revenge in Two Mesa Stabbing Incidents

  A wanna-be "Fight Club" member was bested and a guy's girlfriend's sister took revenge in two separate stabbing incidents over the weekend in Mesa.


The knifings were just two of the noteworthy crime stories passed along this morning by our flyboy buddy over at Mesa PD, helicopter pilot and info officer Steve Berry. Naturally, they all took place in west Mesa.

The first one reportedly began with a early-afternoon drunkfest at Groggy's Bar near Main Street and Price road. A witness told police he was drinking with a man who bragged that he was in "Fight Club" and was hoping to open a can of whup-ass on someone, or maybe even a few someones. The would-be amateur pugilist left the bar and strolled down North San Jose, looking for a contender -- and punched a dude he met on the street in the eye.

Wouldn't you know it -- the victim's a Fight Club veteran.

A scuffle ensued and Kick-Ass took a knife to the gut. Several members of the audience observing crowd then pulled the two apart. The first-round loser wasn't wounded fatally, but was "extremely agitated" and uncooperative with authorities, who took him to a hospital.

The man who had been punched wasn't cooperative, either, and told police he hadn't stabbed the man.

"So... no arrests," Berry tells us this morning.

The second incident started with a nasty fight between a man and his girlfriend, during which there were "threats made to destroy personal property," according to Berry's write-up. Later, at about 8:45 p.m., the man was walking near his girlfriend's mother's home at about 8th Street and Westwood when a white, Chevy "Tahoe-like" SUV stopped in front of him. Several people jumped out of the SUV -- including the sister of the guy's girlfriend" and assaulted him. He was stabbed twice in the back but is expected to recover. No arrests were made in that one, either, though cops are investigating, Berry says.

Mesa police are also looking for several suspects in a robbery that occurred near 800 West Glade, during which a victim managed to talk the thugs out of stealing her minivan.

The woman had been driving the van through the neighborhood when three bandits approached her, one brandishing a handgun. She told the men the 1997 Mercury Villager wasn't worth taking and was nearly out of gas, Berry says. The thugs reconsidered their demand and asked for cash instead.

Check it out, MTV producers -- Mesa PD can put you in touch with the next contestant for Pimp My Ride.


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