Finally, Some Good News: Poll Says Arizona Sixth Most Desired State to Live

A new poll released today claims that Arizona is tied for sixth on the list of states where the U.S. population would like to live.

And, to think, we thought we were mostly popular with Mexicans.

The poll, conducted by Harris Interactive, asked nearly 2,500 people across the country where they would like to live if they couldn't stay in the state where they were currently living.

California topped the list, followed by Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and Colorado.

There was a three way tie for the sixth spot, among Arizona,h North Carolina and Washington State.

As for most desired cities: Phoenix, actually got a little love.

Phoenix didn't do nearly as poorly as many would expect, considering some of the other polls that have been released recently.

One recent study ranked Phoenix No. 93 when it comes to best places to raise a family.

In this poll, we did a lot better. Phoenix came in at a surprising No. 12 behind Portland, Oregon.

New York City tops the cities list, followed by Denver, San Diego, Seattle, and Chicago.


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